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Garden Show Update

Hi Garden Family!

Clear the dining room table!!! It's time to spread out the seed catalogs!! The quiet thrill of preparing for spring is the best way to get over the gray days of late winter. And while I can't say that I have sensed it yet, the pendulum will swing the other way any minute. The chickens are starting to increase production, a light sensitive activity, now yielding four eggs a day after slowing to one every other day during the shortest days. And our regular caller, Michael from Metuchen, has informed us that the sun rises 1 minutes 7 seconds earlier each day and sets 1 minute 7 seconds later each evening.

The Garden Show update is looking promising. Andy from South River had helped to make connections with WOLD in Edison. Should have more info soon.

On a sad note Becky and Willow both crossed the rainbow bridge. At 15.5 and 15 they were seriously struggling. They were together all of their lives and left the same way. As you know Becky accompanied me to WCTC for many years and awakened me at 1 AM when Blooming Acres was on fire. She will forever be missed.

Will be in touch soon.


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