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Hi all - Happy Easter! My apologies for the delay between posts - still learning how to manage all the different platforms needed to support the not so new Garden With Pegi Show. (33 episodes so far)

Join me if you can on Sundays at 10amET I am streaming live on YouTube to talk, listen, question, learn and laugh about everything gardening. You can even call in to ask questions or give an update on your recent gardening activities.

Send me your pictures to show off or to show detail and we can look at them together while we talk. If you cant watch live, all shows are saved and available for youb to watch later.

Also, if you can, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel of the same name - Garden With Pegi - as this will help us develop the show. Of course any "likes" you care to give for videos or clips on any of the show platforms is appreciated. (FB, IG, TT)

Thank you so much for all your support.


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